10+ Photos Of Chunky Cats That Are Too Cute For Human Eyes

Who here has grown up having animals in their home and not at one point had a pet that was at least a little bit fat? No one. Let's all be honest. Sometimes our pets just like to trick people into feeding them more than they need, or perhaps sometimes we just can't no to their cute, pudgy, little faces. Either way fat shaming the people in our lives isn't okay, that's why we're not here to shame these chunky felines, we're here only to appreciate them, in all their glory.

Thanks to this wonderful Facebook page you have a one stop shop to get your fat cat fix, and don't worry! Most of these cats are indeed on diets for the good of their health (so we'll just have to enjoy the chonk while we can!).

1. Here's where we begin: A chunky shadow with a stare to hit you right in the soul

2. Are you ready? Say cheese!

3. Sleepy? 10/10 would nap with this fluffo

4. This one has a case of the hangry

5. ignoring the chunk for a second, what a beautiful case of Heterochromia!

6. Crookshanks may have let himself go...

7. This is the "I know you're talking about me. I'm right here." face


9. This is someones dinner time I would NOT mess with!

10. A diet!? WHAT!?

11. Is this cat actually a tiger? Or is it just a high amount of chunk?

12. All cats are annoying when dinner is over due but this one looks really, really, vocal about the delay

13. KITTY. DOUBLE. CHIN. Enough said.


15. Enough of these photo shoots, human!

16. Okay really, that's too much cute! Now I need some kitty cuddles... and a snack.

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