16 Pictures Showing That Scary Panthers Are Simply Oversized Cute Black Cats

Black panthers are big felines characterized by black fur or black spots on their coat. They are most commonly found in south-western China and south of Malaysia's Isthmus of Kra than.

Like any other wild animals, and believe us -they are wild animals, they have complex social, behavioral, nutritional, and psychological needs. They are not suitable to be pets, their natural habitat is wilderness, and their instincts are pretty strong.

And when you combine strong instincts and great agility and strength – hardly a cat you would want to keep as a pet.

But, we can't but notice that they look incredibly similar to ordinary domestic black cats. We have collected some photos as proof. Check them out and remember – do not try to get a black panther for a pet.

They have impressive fangs.

Black Panthers are melanistic variations of leopards. They can grow up to 108 inches in length, and up to 200 pounds, while the ordinary domestic cat can reach a weight of 10 pounds. Main Coon, the largest domestic cat bred, can reach 25 pounds.

They’re athletic, great at running and climbing.

They are good swimmers too.

They look ferocious when stalking the prey…

Moving around….

Or simply hanging out

They can be scary

But they also have a soft side.

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