This Might Just Be The Cutest Cat Breed To Ever Exist

Everyone thinks that their cat is the cutest cat in the whole wide world and they're right! All cats are the best cats. However, this breed of cat might be on a whole new level.

The Caracal is a kind of cat that is native to Africa, parts of Central Asia, the Middle East and India; and it's adorable. Caracals are a type of wild cat. They were classified in the late 1700s. They are typically nocturnal, like many breeds of cats. And, surprisingly, given increasing rates of extinction and biodiversity loss due to climate change, they are not endangered!


They have stunning eyes!

Nice fluffy ears!

The name "caracal" is dervived from the word "karakulak" which means "black ear."

Such a shame they're wild animals and not suited to being house pets!

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