12 Cats With the Cutest Fur Patterns Ever

While it remains true that every cat is special and unique in their own way some cats have visible fur patterns that help them stand out in the best possible ways. From adorable symbols to shapes of mustaches and eyebrows, each of these twelve cats are truly a little different and worthy of your time and viewing pleasures.

1. All in the nose

This kitty has a nose that looks like a human nose! How adorable!

2. Venus

Is she two cats in one? On one side she's a beautiful black cat with green eyes and on the other she's an exquisite orange cat with blue eyes. Either way, we can't get enough.

3. The Mask

They're black eyes but not the way you think, this adorable kitty has a purrfectly placed mask on her face!

4. The top hat

As if this all white ball of fluffy love wasn't cute enough, he is adorned with an adorable and purrfectly placed top hat!

5. My love

A heart is placed on this kitty so you always know how much she loves you!

6. Serious business

If ever a cat could capture the essence of Stalin, this cat would be the one.

7. What a stache!

I mean have you ever seen something so glorious?

8. I mustache you a question

Hamilton the Hipster Cat and his awesome mustache is one of the best ever.

9. Two faces are better than one.

It's like the best of both worlds. Cats are great.

10. Sam has eyebrows

We love Sam.

11. Mr. Main Coon Cat

Because no cat list is complete with a gorgeous main coon.

12. Look at his little goatee

We love him.

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