Abandoned Kitten Kisses The Cyclist Who Saved Her Life

I like to think that despite all the doom and gloom in the world that there are still a lot of good people out there who have the best intentions to do the best things. Sometimes all the bad news can really weigh you down but if you look around, you'll see there are good stories about good deeds everywhere.

Like how professional cyclist Viitor Fonseca paused in the middle of his ride to scoop up an abandoned kitten in his path. With no bag or basket to transport the poor, little thing, he stuffed the kitten into his shirt and brought her to safety. As a token of her gratitude, she spent the whole trip popping out to nuzzle him and offer kisses. It is incredibly sweet.

It is uncertain what would have happened to the little kitten if it were not for Fonseca's kind heart, but it is definitely probably she would have perished.

Fonseca wrote, "saving a little life today!"

As the precious puss continuously offered her affections, Fonseca said, "I love her!"

Check out the precious video here!

In a brief interview with The Dodo, Fonseca said that he was able to find a home for the kitten nearby.

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