Dads Who Are Totally Head-Over-Heels With Their Cats Even Though Things Didn't Start Off That Way

How many times have you heard someone declaring they don't want cats? I've heard at least a couple, but the story always ends the same way -- those who said they would never get a cat got themselves a feline... and now they're the best of best friends.

Some dads prefer dogs over cats. Others prefer having no pet at all. Many dads claim they are not cat people, but put a cute kitten in front of them and they will come around real fast. Maybe cats have their own way of making people fall in love with them. It could be the adorable, cute eyes? Or the tiny paws? Or the charming purr?

I'm not quite sure... but here's one thing I do know: these 19 dads were cat haters, but ended up totally head-over-hills with their cat best friend!

1. This dad who makes sure his cat sees everything he bought

2. This dad who said he doesn't want a cat in the house

3. This dad who can't be separated with his cat best friend

4. This dad who is overprotecting his cat

5. This dad who grabs every photo opportunity with his cat

6. This dad having the best sleep while cuddling his cat

7. This dad who probably is still in that same position

8. This dad who loves tucking in his cat

9. This dad who loves watching the game with his best friend

10. This dad who is definitely glad his kid didn't take the cat back

11. This dad who loves sharing his snack

He's probably thanking Jose Manuel now

12. This dad giving his cat a little smooch

13. This dad who's hanging out with his cat on the floor

14. This dad feeding and filming his pet

15. This dad who completely doesn't hate cats anymore

16. This dad loves napping as much as his cat does

17. This dad who sings and teaches his cat to dance

18. This dad who's committed to giving his cat the best view

19. And lastly, this dad who couldn't *and wouldn't* look away

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