Dog Helps Raise More Than 70 Foster Kittens Including A 3-Legged Cat

So the old tale goes, cats VS dogs, and dogs VS cats, they're destined to hate each other, right? Wrong. Meet Moon, a 5-year-old pup from Perth, Australia, who has helped care for 74 kittens desperately in need of love.



Moon was found by a Veterinary nurse named Kate Hayes when he was just a puppy, and she's been his human ever since!

One day she brought him to work with her and he quickly showed his nurturing nature when it comes to helping animals in need.

"If an animal is sick and crying, Moon will stay beside their cage and cry with them. He has such a kind nature," Kate said in an interview.

And he does so much more than that. If a patient is scared or nervous, Moon will happily greet them, and walk with them to be seen by the vet.

4 years ago, Moon's life changed when Kate decided to foster a cat. The kitty, named Phoenix, only has 3 legs and quickly bonded with Moon as housemates and best friends.



While Pheonix recovered from having surgery Moon was always close by. He wanted nothing more than to love, protect, and look after his feline friend.

"She is now his feline sister," Kate said. 



After seeing how great Moon was with cats, Kate decided it was alright to bring home more foster kittens, and so Moon's role a doggy dad began.

Some of his kittens have been very shy, but he's more than happy to sit at their side and comfort them.



"When Moon hears kittens, his ears perk up and he runs to see where they are. When he finds them, he nuzzles them gently and lays with them. He really loves his babies," Kate continued.

And it didn't stop after just a few kittens. More orphans needed loving foster homes to care for them, and Moon is more than happy to help out.



These tiny kittens were born via C-Section in the clinic. Foster dad Moon was there to welcome them into the world!



And this litter was found sick and abandoned, so Moon handed out cuddles while the staff gave them 24-hour care.



Kate found these ginger kittens on a strawberry farm, so they came home as fosters too.

Father Moon stepped up once again to give them love and attention before they went off to their own forever homes. But as if it couldn't get any cuter, there are many, many more feline fosters to come...



Because when a wobbly little kitten found its way into his home, Moon took full charge of the baby's round-the-clock care, and wouldn't let it out of his sight. He taught this little cat to play and helped it grow stronger while it recovered.

"She was found in an industrial area, very anemic as she was covered in fleas. She had burns on all four of her paw pads and was really wobbly on her feet."



Three orphans were brought in needing motherly love - so Moon steps up to offer it to them:



Moon's daily tasks include snuggling the tiny babies after they feed:



And letting the kittens follow him around the house:



"He has been a foster dad to 74 kittens so far two of which are still at our house, and the others have gone on to live happy healthy lives with their new owners," Kate said.

And here he even taught Phoenix the tripod cat how to foster kittens:



If you'd like to see more of their adorable adventures make sure you check them out on Instagram at @cutemoonbear!

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