As a Cat, I Can't Even Begin to Fathom Why Dogs Do These Utterly Ridiculous Things

Hello, peasants, I'm Willow, I'm a cat so I'm obviously superior to all living beings, I'm glad we've got that out of the way so we focus on the matter at hand. 

Throughout my life, I've seen many unusual things, they're usually done by the humans but I still somewhat understand the logic behind their actions, even though they're weird, I know they mean well. 

But when it comes to dogs, no matter how hard I try, I always fail to understand them, which is why I gathered a list of things I just can't get my adorable fluffy little head around.

Scroll quietly, I'm taking a nap

Don't you guys ever get tired of being such try-hards? We know you're "mAnS bEsT fRieNd", but come oooon, some humility would be much appreciated

And what's the deal with sticks? It's pathetic how easily your kind can be entertained.

You guys are so easy, you have to let them earn your affection, not shower them with it.

Let's not forget how needy you guys are, it's truly desperate.


It's almost 2020 and dogs are still chasing their tails, pawthetic!

Putting your heads out the car window is not only dangerous but also completely unnecessary, why can't you be more like us?


Even their next generation is doomed

It's truly embarrassing that I have to explain such an obvious thing. COMMON SENSE PEOPLE!


Drinking out of the toilet? Really?

It's truly embarrassing that you get so ecstatic about being paraded around by humans

Why are you barking all the time!!! It's not like you would ever see me meowing for no apparent reason

You guys have a serious humping issue, you need to do something about it

Let's not forget the fact that you sniff each other's butts, D I S G U S T I N G

And to conclude, what's your problem with us? Huh?


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