Australian Girl Donates Her Own Birthday Money To Save 14 Kittens

People's adoration for animals seems to come from a very young age. We all learn very early on the value of an animals love and loyalty, and it seems to be something we are born to appreciate and want.

This story is a perfect example of that, as a very young girl from Australia named Lucinda, received a bit of money from Mom and Dad and decided to use all of that money to save 14 little kittens that she happened to run into on a running track in Moonee Ponds near her house.

She had received $50 for her birthday the week before and used it on a taxi to take the cats to a local animal rescue.

“They were so cute. I didn’t want to leave them, they looked so forlorn and lost.”

“It was raining so I ran home to get a laundry basket to collect them.”

What an impressive young lady!

“It was my birthday a few weeks ago and someone gave me $50 so I used it for a taxi to take the kittens into Lort Smith,”

she said.

What a remarkable young lady. This story serves as an important reminder not to dump animals. Hopefully Lucinda's selfless actions will inspire others around the world.

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