Sally Jones Enrages Global Cat Lovers When She Suggests Banning Cats In The UK

In a "radical effort to protect wildlife," a New Zealand island not that long ago made an effort to ban cats and since then, the conversation has reached far and wide. Recently, the situation was discussed on popular UK morning talk show, "This Morning," but things quickly got out of hand.

Sally Jones, a famous journalist and TV presenter, recently sat on the couch with This Morning and backed the idea of banning cats but in the UK now and immediately enraged animal lovers everywhere. Describing the scenario that inspired her to agree with a cat ban, Sally said:

I was watching a beautiful yellow hammer on our bird table... and within about five seconds a big grey cat had jumped on it and crunched it. There’s something we can do about cats, I think there’s lots of things we can be doing as humans… there’s lots we can do but one easy thing we can do close to home is control the number of birds out cats kill.

Holly Willoughby, one of Jones’ guest, immediately thought of her family pet Bluebell and responded:

A lot of people say their pets keep them calm, they help with anxiety. ‘They help a family understand what it’s like with the first thing of bereavement, is that a pet that’s died.'

The alarming move in New Zealand to ban cats on a single island is an aggressive move to protect wildlife. Biosecurity operations manager Ali Meade said, "there’s cats getting into the native bush, they’re preying on native birds, they’re taking insects, they’re taking reptiles, all sorts of things. They’re doing quite a bit of damage.”

Is this situation applicable to Sally's experience of a cat crunching on a bird in the UK? Absolutely not.

The public outcry was immediate, with fans flocking to Twitter crying out that Sally Jones be fired.

Some of the tweets included:

“We need to control where they go” this woman has obviously ever owned a cat # ThisMorning
Instead of banning cats #banthewoman #thisMorning
I'm find this highly insulting. I cannot let my 5 cats read such preposterous news, this could traumatize them!
I’m sure a dog would go for a mouse or something if they had the chance. I think some humans themselves are ruining the environment, never mind cats. Idiot. # ThisMorning

Well, Sally, you better be quick to apologize! Never come between cat lovers and their cats. Check out the video here and let us know what you think!

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