Tiny Kitten Has Amazing Pattern On His Nose Because It Looks Exactly Like A Small Black Cat

Cats come in many different color patterns, and that’s just one of the reasons we love them, and the first thing that we notice. And occasionally, nature likes to play around and rearrange those colors to be even more impressive.

One small cat has a color pattern that is just adorable – it looks like she has a little cat on her nose. Yes, the markings look like a figure of another small cat resting on her nose.

She was surrounded by other cats, but she clearly stood out, and inspired one person to take a photo and share it on Twitter.

Photos of the cat were shared with the caption, "I have a cat on my nose" (Google Translate).

Another Twitter user shared a short video of the cat with the caption: "Kitty has a kitty on her nose."

This was recirculated on the social media last month, and @TOKAITRICK_bot posted an update with saying that they were now "playing" with this unique cat:

Google Translate translated the post as: "Thank you for your introduction. Immediately after the video, we are currently playing with our cat."

The cute cat is believed to be a stray, but looking at @TOKAITRICK_bot's latest tweets, it's likely they may have provided this cat a forever home.

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