Cats That Are Not In The Halloween Spirit Even If They're In Halloween Costumes

There are a lot of things dogs and cats are known for being different when it comes to being family pets. One thing is for certain, dogs don't seem to mind clothes let alone silly Halloween costumes. Oh, I guess two things are for certain because it's also pretty darn obvious that cats do not share the same sentiment or enthusiasm. In fact, cats tend to be all-around grumpy if you stuff them in clothes and they seem keenly aware when they're wearing costumes or being laughed at.

I mean, have you ever seen cats with funny haircuts? They look pissed. Even more pissed off though are definitely the 23 cats you're about to giggle at wearing Halloween costumes being pretty Halloweenie about it.

CATpain America

Purr-sonally, one of my favorites.

The Lion King

King of Minding His Own Business

Purr-fect Sailor

Lots of cats don't like water but some don't subscribe to that negative stereotype and joined the navy instead.

Batman or Catman, you decide.

The Dark Knight? The darkness is inside.


Ribbit, Ribbit, "I'm going to barf in your shoes later."

Scuba Cat

There is no doubt in my mind that the human who got this cat into scuba gear is presently covered in permanent cat scratch scars.

Jack Spurrow

Yo, ho, ho.

Biker Cat

He's not bad to the bone, that would be doggos.

Little Red Kitty Hood


Purrincess Leia

The force is strong in this one.

Yoda Cat

"Kill you in your sleep, I will."

Elvis Purrsley

The King LIVES

Harry Purrter

In the business of magic, this catto is no muggle.

Puss in Boots

He was born for this.


SpiderCat, SpiderCat, very pissed off, SpiderCat.


Hear him roar.

Darth Vader

Your lack of catnip is disturbing.

Nick Fur...Furry



Live long and pros-purr.

Super Cat

What would your cat's kryptonite be?

Bumble Bee

He requires all of your tuna, he heard there's a connection.

Officer Purr

You're under arrest. House arrest.

A purr-fect Bob Marley

You can fool some people sometimes. But you can't fool all the people all of the time

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