One Man's Cat Puts His eBay Account On The Map

Struck by a run of bad luck, Tim Dombrowski found help in the unlikeliest of places! After breaking his neck, and being on the verge of declaring bankruptcy, Dombrowski purchased a CD which promised to teach how to make money by selling antiques on eBay. His last-ditch attempt to make money was a success-- thanks to the help of his favourite furry friend.

After scouring his local area for antiques, Dombrowski began to take pictures to upload and sell. Only there was a catch; his cat wouldn't get out of the frame! His cat, Mercedes, loves to post with his antiques; and she has caused an increase in interest for his sales!

In an interview with Forbes, Dubrowski said that β€œAs I took my pictures, Mercedes started wanting more attention and sitting next to my items, so I just started using her to pose.”

β€œThen she started to stand up, really hamming it up good, and I started getting plenty of messages, about three per day.”

And Mercedes has got herself a lot of fans!

His posts featuring Mercedes have gained more attention than the ones without; so it makes sense for him to use his gorgeous feline as a marketing strategy.

Unsurprisingly, people often ask if Mercedes comes with the items (she doesn't, just to clarify!).

One doctor who fell in love with her photos even offered $3000 to buy her. Obviously, Dombrowski declined, saying:

"She's priceless! We could never get rid of her, not for a million dollars."

Like her owner, Mercedes also went through a rough patch. She was a rescue cat and the only survivor of her litter.

She hasn't let it bother her though, and is well-loved--not to mention a little famous, now!

With only a few complaints from dog lovers, Dombrowski's eBay account has 100% positive feedback.

Tim Dombrowksi's antiques, and more pictures of Mercedes can be found on his eBay account here.

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