7 Ways Elderly Cats are the Best Companions

Visit any of your local pet adoption centers and you'll find one thing that definitely does not make sense: the older cats. Cats tend to have quite the lifespan as far as furry companions are concerned and if you've ever had a cat then you probably know what I mean! I assume they live longer than some comparable pet options because we need them.

Adopting cats is a great way to give forever homes to the animals in your local community but the next time you head to your local shelter with the intentions of bringing home a new friend I sincerely encourage you to bring home a senior cat and I've got a whole list of reasons why this is a choice you will never regret!

1. The sounds they make

Kittens have soft little mews but an older cat is a whole different world of adorable sounds. Their meows are deeper and over flowing with personality. My favorite sound? The chirp. There is no better way to describe it but chirping is the sweetest thing an a older cat does.

2. Their sleeping habits

There is not much an older cat loves more than finding the perfect spot time and time again to stretch and then promptly flop down to sleep. The older the cat, the more they sleep. They sleep in any spot of sun they can find. They sleep on their backs eight heir chin sticking out. They cover their faces with their paws. These sleepy older cats are a sight for any sore eyes.

3. They're not so frisky.

Until a cat passes the kitten and teenager phase of life they are literally balls of bursting energy. They dart across rooms like little rockets and they especially love to race around the home between 2am and 4am. However, once they reach adulthood they enter a mellow stage of life and it is glorious.
This mellow stage of cat life is something to envy. They gracefully strut from room to room and take in the scenery. They long for nothing more than some quiet dignity. It's a lovely stage of a cat's long life.

4. They quietly enjoy looking outside.

Gazing out the window used to spark curiosity and made a young cat ready to hunt. As they reach the senior stage of life they fully understand that a quiet life inside is the way to go and gazing out the window becomes a calm past time. Like watching an old movie, older cats don't nag you to get out, they simply enjoy the scenery.
There is something so relaxing about having a cat gaze out the window instead of climbing all over it. Much like ourselves at a certain age, where we enjoy sitting on a porch and enjoying the scenery, our cats relax the same way in their older stage of life.

5. Speaking of our own older life stage...

Senior cats are phenomenal companions for senior humans. Most of the time when we seek an animal companion we want one whose lifestly may reflect ours. When our energy is high we naturally want a high energy furry companion to pass the time with. When we just want to relax at home, the ideal pet is the one that relaxes with us.
Of course that is not to say that us younger folk won't enjoy the mellow temperment of senior cats. Not all of us are party animals and we love a cat who reflects our calm disposition. Senior cats are definitely for everyone.

6. Low maintenance

A senior cat is much easier to care for. They don't ask much of us other than a clean litter box and a warm place to sleep. They don't need a rotation of crazy toys and they don't need constant stimulation. Their low maintenance needs make care a breeze.

7. They have SO much love to give.

Older cats know what they want and they know what they need. There is something lonely and sad about an older cat in a shelter. Their eyes reflect their deserted feelings until you bring them home. Once you take them into your life they have all of their love to give. Cuddles, snuggles, and lots of gentle kitty rubs. Older cats are full of love.

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