These Cat Posts From Tumblr Are Im-PAWS-ible Not To Laugh Hysterically At

Wanna hear a bad cat joke? There are none, I'm just kitten! Okay, terrible puns aside (don't worry, we can always guarantee more good/terrible cat puns,) the Internet is timelessly united by cat humor. Even people who don't obsess over cats (yes, those freaks exist,) can find humor in cat content on the Internet. While over the years the platform we get our daily giggles from has transformed and changed quite a bit, there's no denying that the past 5 years or so it's been great to prowl Tumblr for the best cats the Internet has to offer.

Funny, adorable, sincere, and relatable: Tumblr users love sharing their musings and experiences with cats and quite frankly we can't get enough.

1. Diversity

There's a whole lot of potential out there.

2. A Classic

Look, the truth is that none of us will ever stop laughing at this post.


I have always had so many questions about this determined, grumpy cat.

4. Cat business is just that:

CAT business. No hoomans allowed.

5. Swing and a miss.

It must have been exhausting.

6. The challenges of motherhood exist interspecies.

I, too, feel your pain mama cat.

7. Honestly?


8. The most epic facial expression, ever.

This is another classic that will never, ever stop being hilarious.

9. Where can I purchase these cookies?

Not asking for a friend.

10. How is this paws-ible?

My brain is doing a confuse.

11. Modern problems call for modern solutions.

And food is the culprit with cats.

12. There is so much to unpack here.

13. Defenders.

Also, embarrassment.

14. If only we could...

15. Unimpressed and unamused.

Yep, those words sum up most cats.


Or maybe some. Depends on purr-spective.

17. WOW, smart kitty.

18. System Malfunction

Tinfoil and cats.

19. POW

There's no turning back now.

20. So. Much. Sass.

21. Did I mention sass?

There's a lot of sass to unpack here.

22. Hello nightmares.

23. Somethings you just cannot make up.

No one would believe this happened if they didn't see it with their own two eyes.

24. Genetics.

They're powerful.

25. Liquid as heck.

26. Science:

Definitely cats.

27. She has good taste.

28. Purrfect.

The audacity and sass is just flawless.

29. This is also how I solve all of my problems, too.

30. Honestly? I'm not even mad.

I'm impressed, she's a very smart cat.

31. Naming a cat is no smol task.

He doesn't look like a queso but I bet the name will suit his purr-sonality.

32. I could watch this all day, honestly.

33. I wonder what a sneeze translates to.

34. Who would ever say that?

Their useful for a multitude of reasons.

35. I'd be shocked, too.

36. Physics and Cats

What even are cats?

37. Surprise!

38. NSFW

Just kitten ya.

39. Their facial expressions say it all.

40. The question is did she hide it or find it?

41. A nice place to sit and the purr-fect time to scream.

42. Don't be a backseat driver.

43. Sometimes your sibling is just that predictable.

44. To be honest? SAME.

45. Sometimes relatable cat content is emotionally painful.

46. Correction: Purr-Fect.

47. This water is extravagant though.

48. How did this cat get to this point? I need answers.

49. I would die for cats and their honor.

50. A pleasant surprise, tbh.

51. This cannot be safe.

52. I am speechless but impressed.

53. I want them all.

54. Also totally relatable.

55. This cat knows my pain and struggles.

56. I can sense the regret and there is definitely a lot of it.

57. Have you ever seen a more majestic grumpy face?

58. Effective treatment, no complaints.

59. I want this cat.

60. Who wouldn't be stoked in a moment like this?

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