Very Exciting Posts About Cats You're Guaranteed To Love

There's "old but gold" cat content on the Internet that we will never get tired of seeing but as true as that is, it's also true that the Internet remains a never-ending source of fresh cat stuff. From the wide variety of social media platforms people enjoying sharing stories, musings, and photos of their cats and cats in general, we are all receiving heaping doses of that frisky feline fun and honestly? We have ZERO complaints about it.

The whole "zero-complaints" thing rings especially true on days like today, when we are eager and excited to share the latest and greatest of the Internet's offerings of cats. If you love cats, then you've come to the right place... you might even say the timing is purr-fect.

1. Iconic Duo

It's like someone hit copy and paste on this mama cat and made a mini-me.

2. Lip-Lickin' Good

I can't even blame him, these cupcakes look amazing.


Please, present your pass.

4. Derp

I'm impressed.

5. Busted.

The cat-burglar was caught in the act!

6. The sweetest plop.

I need this in my life, honestly.

7. 'Sup

I wish my nod looked this smooth, epic, and cool.

8. Reflection Inception?

Something like that.

9. I could watch this all day.

And not stop laughing the entire time. I might just do that, actually.

10. Uncontainable Excitement.

He's embarrassed, trust me.

12. Luxury Vacation? Purr-ty please.

I mean, why wouldn't you take your cat on vacation?

13. I'm not even mad.

I'm too amused to be mad.


I love this so much.

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