We Know How To Really Spoil Your Cats And These Items Are Purr-fect For Doing It

So, you think you've spoiled your cat, do you? A little catnip here and there, some feline fancy toys every now and then? Purrhaps a raised water bowl and a cat tower from the local pet store?

That's not a bad lifestyle, truly. Your cat is fed, has fun toys, things to climb, and gets to enjoy the nip... that's a good life. But if you're anything like me (and I suspect you might be, because us cat enthusiasts gotta stick together,) then you're always looking for ways to be a little extra when it comes to your cat-loving lifestyle.

That's where this awesome list comes in. These are the things your cat needs to raise the bar on a luxurious lifestyle. Your cat needs a little extravagance, trust me.

Disclaimer: prices are accurate and in stock at the time of publication.

1. Catnip Bubbles

Yep, you read that right! This bottle of catnip bubbles comes with all the joy and delight of catnip without any of the mess. It's lots of fun.

Not sure about catnip bubbles? This company makes a trial size.

2. Self-Cleaning Litter Box

These self-cleaning litter boxes are all the hype and for good reasons. You don't have to do much maintenance at all. In fact, for weeks on end this litter box will do all the scooping for you. It's quiet, clean, and it keeps track of how often your cat(s) use it! With the crystal litter you'll need to use with it, you won't notice litter stink ever again. Get your brand-new self-cleaning litter box right here right meow. (Two styles, two colors available!)

3. Wall-Mounted Cat Bed

This cat-tastic wall mounted cat bed and perch is purr-fect for the cat that loves to rest up high, and let's face it... what cat doesn't love to look down on everything and everyone? We live to serve and this totally awesome product is available here on Amazon.

4. Minimalist Litter Box

We get it, you're fashionable and modern and your cats don't get to escape that forward lifestyle. But they still need to poop and you desire it to not be a total travesty of an experience, right? This is the litter-box for you. The non-stick surface is super easy to clean and the curved entrance significantly reduces litter being tracked out. The lid also lifts off easily for scooping and litter-changing. It's available here on Amazon.

5. The Ripple Rug

There is a reason this play center Ripple Rug has so many awards for being one of the best pet products out there. It's ahhhh-mazing. It has a no slip bottom so it stays in place while the ripple center moves, crinkles, and is purr-fect for popping in and out of! Hiding, sleeping, pouncing, scratching... it's the ultimate in cat-play, and it can easily cater to more than one cat at a time. Even cooler? It's an eco-friendly product made from recycled plastic bottles, totally non-toxic, and there is nothing in the world quite like it. Get yours here for only $39.99!

6. Vet's Best Waterless Cat Bath

The mom squad has been using dry shampoo for a long time, now your water-hating cat can, too! The unique and quality formula eases dry skin and leaves fur luxuriously soft, all without the trauma of water that some cats absolutely despise. It's available here for only $6.49!

7. Cardboard Cat Lounge & Scratcher

This pretty box comes with a cardboard scratcher that fits purrfectly inside, making it double the awesome for your box-loving cat. They'll be attracted to the allure of the box and want to stay when they realize the ideal scratcher is waiting for them inside. It doesn't get much cooler and it's actually totally affordable. Spoil your cat right by grabbing them here.

8. Window Bed & Perch

There's no such thing as a cat that doesn't enjoy sun bathing and window watching. This cat hammock can mount to any window and the suction cups hold up to 60 lbs, so the can handle your chonker or even a couple large boys. Cats love it, that's no exaggeration. Get your cat one in any of 3 colors available right here right meow.

9. Ultimate Pet Hair Broom (FURemover Pet Hair Removal Broom with Squeegee)

Courtesy of the extender-handle, this broom will reach every nook and cranny your pet's fur reaches to help make sure it doesn't stay there forever (like it used to.) It's made from 100% natural rubber that attracts pet hair like a magnet! If you have a pet that sheds (and most pets do,) then you're going to want to snag one of these incredible brooms for your home, available here on Amazon.

PS Once you collect all that glorious fur, you can craft with it thanks to this book.

10. Fresh As A Daisy Filtered Water Fountain For Cats

Cats love running water, that's an undeniable fact. If you cat could choose between dripping, dribbling, and running water or a bowl of stagnant water, they will choose the moving water almost every single time. So, why not pamper them in style with the best fountain on the market?

One reviewer mentioned, "I much prefer this design to my previous water filter because the water is filtered BEFORE the water is returned. In my previous filter, cat hair and all sorts of gross stuff got caught in the little pump that sent the water upwards. I also like that I can put much more water in this, and still move it without water spilling everywhere."

Don't forget to, "rinse the filter thoroughly and submerge it in water for 10 minutes before use," and that "every component is easily accessible and can be cleaned with water and natural soap." Filters available here.

11. Fruit Tart Cat Bed

Cozy and colorful, it's a lovely bed for a cat to curl up in while adding a pop of color to your home. They're available here on Amazon for $24.99!

12. The Marshmallow Cat Bed

If sleeping in a fruit tart isn't quite up your cat's alley, the marshmallow cat bed is the next step of luxurious cat comfort, for sure. The official Marshmallow Cat Bed is designed for better sleep and cats love it.

13. Purring Cat Toy

Does your cat or kitten get separation anxiety? This purring pillow is the purrfect solution. Check out this heartwarming review of how this sweet toy helped her cat cope:

"We had a loving cat for many years, & 2 years ago added a kitten. The 2 had a good relationship & it was common to find them sleeping curled up together or grooming each other. A couple months ago our oldest got cancer & we had to put him to sleep. Our "kitten" was confused & would meow pitifully (asking where her buddy went if you ask me). She was not eating or playing like normal, either. Thank goodness for Prime! When I got this, I put it in "their spot"-where they most often curled up together. She wasn't sure about it at first, but within 12 hours our little "kitten" was curling up with this & purring right along with it! She stopped her 'crying', started eating & playing like normal again, & a couple weeks ago she pushed this soothing toy over the edge to the floor. We put it back a couple times, only to find it on the floor again. For now we're just leaving it on the floor in case she decides she needs that extra comfort, but I think she's moved past that stage of grief that this wonderful item helped her navigate through!"

14. Skateboard Scratcher

Why shouldn't you cat be the coolest on the block? There is no shortage of boring old cat scratchers but this one is definitely unique. Get one for your cat right here right meow.

15. Aloe Vera & Oatmeal Dander Reducing Spray

Burt's Bee's Dander Reducing Spray is a sure-fire way to help clean up what your cat's tongue cannot. It's cruelty-free, paraben-free, and is pH balanced just for cats. Get yours here for only $5.49!

16. Cat Grass

Cats love grass, but most cats live longer when they live inside. The ideal compromise? Grow some grass inside for your cat! Get your Catit Grass Planter right here and your seed kit here.

Here's a very helpful review:

I got this because I have a kitty who loves to chow down on houseplants, which is not only bad for the plants, it's bad for the kitty. This grass planter has been a huge hit at my house. The cats love to not only eat it, they love to lay in it too. I think they're playing "wild jungle cat." :)
This grass planter grows A LOT of grass. It's been more of a hit than the planters you get at the pet store, which make a big mess when the cats yank the grass out and the growing material goes everywhere. This has a gridded cover that keeps that from happening, yet the grass can grow through it. It's also low enough that they can lay in it, which, like I said, has been a favorite thing to do.

17. Dental Kit

Your cat's dental hygiene is extremely important and all-too often over-looked. This Petrodex kit comes with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a finger brush. The comfort of knowing your cat's dental health is a priority is a priceless perk, too.

18. Cactus Climber & Scratcher

This non-toxic cat tree is made from quality, environmentally friendly materials including hemp rope. It's durable and quality enough to withstand more than one cat at a time. Kitties love perching, climbing, and playing with an on their very own cactus cat tree. Get one for your pampered puss right here on Amazon.

19. Ceramic No Spill Bowl

These aesthetically pleasing pet bowls are made from 100% porcelain ceramic and natural wood material and your cat won't be able to bat them around the floor, spilling food as they go. They're a conveniently purr-fect height for a cat bowl, too. Grab yours here on Amazon.

20. Miracle Care Eye Clear

These sterile, pre-soaked pads make cleaning up your pet's eyes hassle-free.

Check out this happy customer's pleasant experience:

"Oscar gets really bad infections around his right eye; it causes his whole area to get red and crusted up. We tried this and it worked great! Even after the first use we could see a big difference. I don't use it as directed, maybe once a day but it still works great. Will absolutely buy again. P.S. forgive the before pic (left); he was helping me size baby hats I was making. No cats were tortured; he just acts like he was." —April Mcleod

21. A Pet Stroller

Can you even call yourself a Crazy Cat Lady/Dad if you don't take your indoor cat for a daily stroll in their very own stroller? You cannot. Up your game! This quality pet stroller is lightweight and can hold your precious pet up to 15lbs. Grab it right here!

22. Cat Harness

Hey, its okay if your kitty is far too independent to be carted around like royalty in their very own stroller, these quality harnesses for cats are the purr-fect middle ground to get them out and about and keep them safe! What makes this harness better than the competition? It was designed with cats in mind, "applies gentle pressure to the shoulders rather than the neck or throat." It also comes with two adjustment points to make super-sure your cat gets the right fit. Grab one for your perfect puss here on Amazon.

23. Floating Cat Post

As we've mentioned before, cats love to be up high. Each post is hand-crafted and easy to mount safely to your wall. These posts can be combined with products like this raceway hammock or this floating perch to create the wall play place of your cat's dreams. Get started with your first floating post here on Amazon.

24. Feline Ruff TV Indoor Cat House Ottoman

It's stylish and cute with it's retro TV design but this hideaway-cave and lounging ottoman is more than just appearances. The double thick wood frame means it's super sturdy but it also assembles in seconds and is easy to clean. Get one for your cat here.

25. DIY Cat Door

This DIY Cat Door takes about 30 minutes to install and can easily become the easy access point through any closed door for your beloved cat. Whether you use it to keep their litter behind closed doors (which you won't have to do if you get the previously mentioned self-cleaning litter box,) or if you just want your cat to be able to enter your closed bedroom without causing a scene at 3am, this DIY door is what you need. Grab yours here.

26. The Ultimate Pet Camera

Having to go to work and leave the fur babies at home is super hard, isn't it? Nothing can ease that anxiety quite like the Pet Cube. Straight from your smart phone you can check on your cat 24/7 with 1080p HD video, 160° utlra-wide-angle view, and night vision. As well as incredible features like: 4x zoom, real-time sound and motion alerts, 2-way audio, a built-in pet safe laser toy, controlled from your phone or set to auto-play mode, and built-in Alexa Assistant! Get yours now on Amazon.

27. The Chair Hammock

The more places your cat has to sleep, the better. Get yours here.

28. Hunting Cat Feeder

Keep your kitty healthy, active, and engaged with this playful cat feeder. It's interactive and encourages play, designed by a veterinarian

Available right here right meow.

29. Wall-Mounted Cat Scratcher

Especially if you have a couch-corner scratcher, this is the ultimate in cat scratchers. Cats love the opportunity for some good vertical scratching and this easy-to-install, making it purr-fect for your cat and home. It's made from natural sisal and is easy to install as well as pleasing on the eyes. Grab yours here on Amazon.

30. Litter Disposal Can

Complete with a locking handle and gasket, this litter disposal can takes the stinkiest part of owning a cat to a non-issue. This package includes a non-toxic charcoal cat litter deodorizer with roughly a 6 month lifespan and it comes with ten biodegradable litter bags and each bag will hold up to 2 weeks worth of kitty waste.

Parents of human babies got it right when they turned to a dedicated can for diapers, and cat owners have improved the concept with this litter disposal can.

31. Exercise Wheel

Satisfied customer Charlene says, "I highly recommend this wheel! We used a laser light pointer to get them started. They use it every day, all day!"

The wheel supports up to 23 pounds and cats love it. Get yours here.

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