Man Fakes His Own Death In Front Of His Cat And Is Surprised By The Reaction He Gets

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I have two kitties, Ollie and Daizee. I love them with all my heart. My family has always been more "cat people" than anything else, so this post connects with me on a personal level. Ollie and Daizee, however, are very different in terms of personality. With that being said, I think it is likely they would both react the same way Sparta, the cat spotlighted in this post, acted when his owner played dead.

Thankfully the owner videotaped this little experiment so we can all witness how his kitty reacted. Take a guess at what you think Sparta did, and then watch the video to find out if you were right!

He also likes wrestling, stalking, playing fetch, crunchy toys, and being held like a baby. 

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Anthony Picco
Anthony Picco

November 07, 2018

Cats are smart enough to know dumb humans are faking it…

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