Cats On Catnip Fans Show Off Their Cats With Beautiful Eyes

Recently we featured a cat with stunning emerald eyes named Pickley. Our fantastic fans and followers loved Pickley and were immediately inspired to share photos of their cats and their mesmerizing eyes! Cats come in so many shapes, sizes, and colors, but the intensity of a cat's unique eyes is something most definitely worthy of celebration!

We love cats just as much as you do, so when you share the little fluffy loves in your lives it helps grow this fantastic community of cat lovers and that is definitely something worth appreciating and celebrating. So, without further ado, here are YOUR cats with beautiful eyes that you shared with us!

"Mines(no editing done)"

From Kaleb K.

"We have orange eyes!"

From Petra B.

"Love green eyed kitties πŸ–€"

From Amber D.

"My cat’s eyes are like a brownish gold."

From Ashley F.

"Update: Miss Pork-Chops Applesauce's green eyes. Like I said. Not nearly as dramatic as this cat. But I adore her green eyes and pink nose."

From Candace A.

"I thought Bagheera was the greenest eyes!"

From Kelly S.

"He runs the whole show. He's a beautiful companion."

From Chris D.

"My boy Pilot has the prettiest blue eyes πŸ’™"

From Stephanie A.

"My Bonnie girl had the prettiest eyes I've ever seen!❀"

From Stacey W.

"my milo has quite pretty eyes"

From Ally C.

"My baby."

From Robert R


From Ellie C.

"Sweet little Porridge also has lovely green eyes. She is a semi-feral girl that has joined my furry family."

From Becky P.

"My girl Charlie & her amazing speckled eyes 🐈"

From Jackie B.

"Meeko has amazing blue eyes! :)"

From Jeffrey H.

"My kitty has the prettiest eyes"

From Katlyn U.

"Boys eyes. They are green indoors and gold in the sun."

From Stephanie B.

"My little gray cat has stunning green eyes!"

From Lexi D.

"This is Augustus one of the cats at a shelter I volunteer at. Love his green eyes"

From Kelley D.

"My Aliythia has the best eyes everr"

From Jarryd L.

"My girl Izzy has extremely pale green eyes. They’re beautiful! This photo has no filter"

From Rebecca S.

"My cat Stormy had pretty green eyes."

From Heather N.

"Not green, but my cat Medusa has beautiful eyes! πŸ–€πŸ˜»"

From Jessica C.

"My blue eyed beauty"

From Michal B.

"That kitty is a Russian blue and one of their traits is beautiful green eyes. This is Mama"

From Glenda C.

"My beautiful green eyed fur child Salem"

From Kristin H.

"Betty loves her Green and Blue eye."

From Christopher and Mark

"My Mama cat and 2 of her 3 babies had/have beautiful green eyes"

From Katie H.

"Not green but my cat Kayla has amazing eyes ❀️"

From Ariel P.

"My girls eyes are quite green as well 😍"

From Aramas J.

"My blue eyed baby x"

From Nicole O.

"My Pootie. Rest in Paradise my little love."

From Alexandra W.

"This is Dharma when she was a wee little meow meow. She has the prettiest minty eyeballs!"

From Chelsi W.

"This is my Sadie baby πŸ’—"

From Cynthia H.

"A cat I had years ago named Digit."

From Mekyla M.

"Yep we've got an old torby girl with nice green eyes"

From Dave R.

"Black Magic 😻"

From April L.

"My Luna!"

From Triss C.

"Junebug, available for adoption at The Noah Project in Muskegon Mich has the most gorgeous eyes! And himbs a good boi too!"

From Kim M.

"My sweet baby girl. She passed a few years ago. Her eyes were stunning"

From Libbi T.

"Our deaf boy, Nimbus."

From Sarah Jane S.

"This is my cat Jet's eyes 😍"

From Kaleigh J.

"Our clinic cat, Onsie"

From Teal L.

"My parents cat named Winnie. Lovely gold eyes!"

From Rachael Lynne W.

"My watermelon."

From Brett S.

"My baby boy Moe"

From Kati P.

"My Jengo has the Most beautiful eyes ever ❀️"

From Sabrina B.

"My Heterochromia cat Hermes. One blue eye and one gold eye"

From Samantha D.

Wow, such eyes! Cutest fan base on social media.

If you're still looking for more beautiful eyes, check out Coco the Leopard Bengal and don't forget to share with your cat loving friends.

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