The 13 Best Far Side Comics For Cat Lovers

Laughter is one of the most components in the world to a happy life. So for a cat lover, laughing over cat related things is just the cherry on top! 

Well-respected illustrator and cartoonist, Gary Larson and his Far Side comics were extremely popular to several generations and while he's happily retired today, his comics live on in infamy. Of course, if you ask any cat fanatic, we will all tell you the same thing: his cat comics were the best of all his comics! 

If you haven't seen Far Side comics before then today is your lucky day! These are the pick of the litter if you catch my drift. 

1. Dog Plan:

Subliminal messages while my owner sleeps.

2. Truth:

Sarcasm was not loss on Far Side Comics

3. If this doesn't make you giggle...

You may need to reevaluate your humor bone.

4. Cat Versus Piranha

Not worth it, in retrospect.

5. Cats versus Dogs

A long-time war.

6. Cat Heaven

With delivery!

7. Happy Valentines Day

Kitty style.

8. Timing...

Sometimes it's not a good thing.

9. Happy Cat

Happier than a kid with a gumball!

10. Clever Kitties

Cat owners are not surprised.

11. Cats and Dogs

The differences between them are a riot.

12. A Dog's Wish

Don't worry folks, we all know cats are smarter than that...

13. Family Dinner:

Always filled with hilarious stories

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