This 1920's-Themed Cat Show Is The Cutest Thing Ever

We've all heard of dog shows and most of us have heard of cat shows, though they aren't considered quite as hyped and popular. Cat shows do exist though and they tend to have dedicated, loyal followers and some seriously impressive cats.

If you know anything about cat shows then do yourself a favor and throw all those ideas you have out the window because what you're about to see today is unlike anything of your wildest imagination, it's better than all of that. It's a cat show; it's a fashion show; it's a 1920's-themed cat show! Cats dressed to the nine's all thanks to renowned pet fashion designer, Ada Nieves. Yes, renowned pet fashion designer is a thing, a wonderful thing. 

1. Mango

This is Mango and he's totally rocking a custom double-breasted suit and the most adorable bowler hat I've ever seen.

2. Sake

What classy lady cat wouldn't look good in a garden hat and low-waisted top? But how many would look this fabulous? Not many.

3. Classy Little Fella

A Top hat? On a CAT? This is the cutest thing ever.

4. Aodhan

This stylish cat is wearing a purple fedora. Have you ever seen a cat in a purple fedora? I didn't think so.

5. Purr-fect!

This little lady is rocking some classy flapper girl style, complete with a feathered headband and we are just swooning.

6. Born for this.

This girl was crafted to look fabulous in 1920's fashion.

7. Although...

Not all of the models were as enthusiastic as others to be strutting their stuff on the, uh, cat-walk. LIke this kitty, whose photo was shared by the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals on Twitter!

8. Some cats sported themes!

Like this kitty, looking suave in this Les Miserables themed outfit.

9. "Paint me like one of your French cats."

This dress is purr-fect.

10. Purrty Lady

I mean honestly, how is this not the sweetest cat, ever?

11. Cabaret by Luna

Purrty in pink and rocking a Cabaret theme.

12. Bow ties? On naked cats?

My dreams of cats in costumes have officially come true.

13. The Sound of Music

The hills are alive and covered in cat hair.

14. And that's not even the BEST part...

The best part about this entire (totally over-the-top) fashion show is that the proceeds collected were distributed to local animal shelters! Like all good animal related things, it helped serve animals in the community needing their forever homes. We can totally get behind it.

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