Purr-fectly Relatable Posts About Cats To Improve Your Mood Today

Cat love is like a universal language. It's very rare to find someone who doesn't even like cats, let alone cannot find the humor in the day to day escapades cats enrich our lives with. If you do happen to stumble on one of the few, slowly back away. They're probably terrible. I mean, how do you not like cats even a little bit? Your heart must be surrounded by ice, then metal, then burning fire, and maybe even lava. It sounds awful.

For the rest of us, enjoying life to it's full potential, seeing more cats is never a burden. Rather, it's a full-on delight and we will devour every second, every joke, and every toe bean. You're welcome!

1. Rest up, sweet demon.

You're purr-fect just the way you are.

2. Two of a kind.

Mama and baby fluff.

3. An illusion!

What a special creature.

4. Relatable Cat

I am cat. Cat is me.

5. Accurate representation.

I almost wish I didn't relate to this as much as I do.

6. AKA: Accident waiting to happen.

Don't squish the kitty.

7. Pieces of Purr-fection

It's like a glimpse of how life could be.


You'd be a monster to say no to this face.

9. Pure Romance

Kitty love is best love.

10. Facts, honestly.

My cat is the supreme ruler of he household.

11. Nature doesn't make mistakes.

Family that was meant to be!

12. Pause for laughter.

Erm, I mean PAWS for laughter.

13. When you see yourself in a fat cat.

We've all been there.

14. I need to fix this.

My cat has not taught me a positive lesson about being alert during the day and sleeping at night.

15. Not funny, hooman.

The cone of shame will not be mocked.

16. Sad Day

The loneliest kitty.

17. Past and Present

Cats have always ruled over us and there's no shame in it.

18. Rules are useless.

Cats are agents of chaos and they're totally worth it.

19. "This is my time."


20. The crime was momentarily concealed when the cat hid.

But the crime always comes to light.

21. Game of Cats

Cats of Thrones

22. Model Behavior

She's my hero. I love her.

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