This Abandoned Kitten Was Rescued By A Family Of Ferrets And Now She Thinks She Is One

Cats are incredible, little critters with immense capacities for love. It's not unheard of or unusual for cats to be at the center of stories where an animal was orphaned and in need and a cat stepped up to the plate. They are sometimes support companions for disabled people, and capable of getting along with (or at least tolerating) almost any other species of animal you can think of. How could you not think cats are incredible when you know these things?

Komari was a small kitten when she was abandoned. However small she may have been, it turns out that luck was on her side because she was rescued! There was a small catch to her story, though. She would not be raised alone.

In fact, Komari, the small, helpless kitten was about to join a family of ferrets!

Listen to her precious squeaks.

At only five months old, Komari's life was at the mercy of the family who took her in. They were determined to nurse her back to health and the first step was introducing her to her new family... of ferrets!

Have you ever wondered, "what even is a ferret?"

According to Wikipedia:

The ferret is the domesticated form of the European polecat, a mammal belonging to the same genus as the weasel.

Komari found herself surrounded by 4 male ferrets. The good news? They decided she was cat-tastic and they accepted her as is!

Komari, for her part? Settled right in for ferret-filled snuggles.

The family also grew! Another ferret was added to the bundle. I suppose you can never have too many ferrets.

The seemingly unusual family gets along splendidly.

But it's hard not to notice... Komari is unusually ferret-like in her behavior!

The family even bathes together.

But the best part are the precious naps.

They're cute! Even lunch time is SO cute!

Komari has a special relationship with her favorite brother, too.

But she fancies play and cuddle time with all of her brothers!

She even grooms them! Heartwarming and wholesome as heck.

Sometimes, Komari's family updates their Twitter.

How do you know if your cat loves you? These tips may help.

Let us know in the comments about the unusual relationships your cat has with other animals!

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