Everybody Struggles To Find The Ninja Cat In These Photos

Pets seem to always love hiding away and that prompts us to go into a spin of fear to find them and make sure they are okay. Meantime they are sleeping in some box covered with wrapping, not caring whether we know where they are or not.

Grace Spelman, writer, and comedian have this experience every day with her cat Pierogi. They moved to a new apartment and this has awakened a sense of adventure in the kitty to explore every space she could in their new home. She then decided why not play some hide and seek with Grace! 

The furball climbs into different things every day and Grace couldn't help but post several photos on Twitter to take her followers on a "Where's Pierogi" hunt every week. Her followers are so dedicated to finding Pierogi that they get so frustrated when they can't spot her. Have a look and see if you can find the furball.

Pierogi loves making herself invisible to her mom Grace.

"Where's Pierogi?"

This is what the naughty furball looks like, if it helps.

Here's a hint from Grace.

Okay, okay we know you are struggling. Here she is!

Now that we showed you where she is in one photo, let's see if you can spot her in the other photos.

This one is quite easy.

Hmmm, where would she be?

Maybe she's sleeping somewhere?

Look closely.

A perfect fit.


"Here I am hooman."

She loves boxes, very much.

She also needs to be clean.

White things make me blend in better.

Being warm is life.

You can't see me!

You can use me to clean things.

Spot Pierogi.

Here we are with the boxes again.

There is stuff everywhere.

What can we say, she is very good in hide and seek.

She blends so perfectly into her environment.

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