We Love Cats Even Though They Can Be Total Jerks, And These Cats Are No Different

Everyone knows that cats come in versatile purr-sonalities.  They can be grumbly, angry, little jelly beans and they can be the sweetest, snuggliest, floofs imaginable. They can be playful companions, lazy loungers, and frisky hunters. 

They can also be jerks. Little bullies bursting with energy, ready and willing to make eye contact while they knock your stuff off of the bookshelf. Don't you dare leave a glass of water near you at night because your cat will wake you up 20 minutes before your alarm goes off by knocking it all over you while you sleep.  They can steal your stuff, they can break your stuff, they can intentionally dig their claws in deep... and we love them nonetheless.

Mad at your cat? Check out these other jerk kitties, laugh at someone else's expense, then forgive your feline friend and live another day. 

1. Going about his day...

See what happens when cat lovers try to get healthy? Cats try to kill us.

2. Focus all of your energy on... your cat.

Yoga and cats don't exactly go well together.

3. You may as well just give up!

Make the bed time is play time.

4. Bully!

Can anyone else here the victim's little cries?

5. All worked up...



6. Double the trouble!

Not only did this jerk knock over his brother but he ruined a purr-fectly good pizza/bed.

7. An innocent grooming session gone wrong.

Horribly wrong.

8. Territorial Brothers

If this isn't one of the jerkiest things you've ever seen, I don't know what is.

9. "I want attention, MEOW!"

This is what happens when you do your homework while the cat is hangry.

10. Miss Priss, here...

The struggle is real: you buy your cat stuff and they laugh at you.

11. The ultimate jerk.

Nothing makes this cat happy except ruining all of your stuff.

12. Covering up the evidence.

"No one can give you my food if they can't see you pouting at the window."

13. Busted!

Sure, he looks remorseful now. But if you hadn't caught him mid-act? No remorse.

14. Swim Time!

"That'll teach you!"

15. The nerve of some cats...

I mean, whose idea was it to chew dad's foot? And who got grossed out? Tsk-tsk.


16. Brat!

You get your cat a cute, fun toy and this is how they treat it.

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