Authentic Cat Memes That Are Bona Fide Hilarious

When someone whispers from a dark alley on the Internet, "psst, hey you... wanna see some cat memes" the only rational, reasonable, and responsible thing to do is to dive in head first. There is nothing better to find yourself frolicking around in than a fresh batch of cat memes.

Funny cats, silly cats, naughty cats, and a whole lot of fantastic puns... those are the sorts of things we wake up every day looking forward to and fall asleep every night reminiscing about. Some say we are obsessed with cats, and my only problem is that condescending negative connotation they apply when they say it. I'm proud to be a crazy cat fanatic and there's nothing wrong with it.

An accurate mlem chart for your benefit.

Which mlem are you?

Speaking of mlem...

Here's another one. You're so welcome.


It's a cat-tastic kind of day.

I have so many questions.

Most of them are trying to understand what is going on, why the cat looks so shook, and why the hooman looks so thrilled...

I thought bowl cuts were out of style?

Then I see this cat and I hope they come back.

This cat gets me.

He is now my muse.

Take a moment to paws...

And read this important seasonal related info graphic.

Did anyone else... know this all along?

Cats are everything.

Parenting is more fun with rhymes!

It's the easiest way to teach your kids anything.

This explains a lot.

Fur-baby Jesus looks really grumpy, too.

Sometimes us slaves, I mean humans, walk into weird things.

Fret not, every cat needs their spa day.

"You aren't going to starve."

First of all, how dare you?

Check out this big, wild cat.

I'm torn between being glad big cats live in the wild and wanting like ten of them in my living room.

A fluffy butter ball.

Have you ever seen anything so purr-fect?

Photographed the first black hole?

I think not, Susan.

Some lessons are harder to learn than others.

Like this one, for example.

Be careful what you wish for.

If you wished for two cats, one might be a murderer.

Rusty Spotted cats often clock in at a whopping 3lbs.

They're so freaking cute.

Cat Norris

This dog lives a life of regret.

You'd be a fool not to love big cats.

And it would be foolish to lie about this love, as well.

Enjoy this maze.

How many cats can you find and how long did it take you to find them?

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