Foster Kitten's Precious Smile Wins The Internet For Being A Purffectly Precious Kitty

Have you ever seen something so irresistibly precious you let out an audible, "d'awh." If you've never had the distinct pleasure of such overwhelming feelings of "that's the cutest," let me be the first to welcome you to the club with these adorable images of Blossom, a foster kitten in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

When Lauren Boutz and Gary Sanchez captured photos of the kitten trio they were fostering (The Powerpurr Girls: Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup,) they knew immediately they were photos that needed to be shared with the Internet and got right down to business. Blossom's precious, little smile is the thing wholesome feels are made out of.

To date, over 74,000 people have reacted to the original post and over 214,000 people shared it!

Albuquerque Animal Welfare in New Mexico sometimes utilizes foster families as an important tool in keeping animals safe and loved while they await their forever home.

Lauren Boutz is one of those volunteers.

The biochemistry student regularly does what she can to help pets in her community find their forever homes.

But when this trio of 5 week old kittens came to her home, we can't imagine anyone anticipated sweet, little Blossom would have such a flawless smile.

It's been proven that the right pictures help get pets adopted faster.

Naturally, when Lauren shared pictures of Blossom's sweet smile, the Internet was immediately won over.

The sweet kittens were all adorable, but Blossom's smile is what really captured hearts across the globe.

It would be impawsible not to share photos of such sweeties with all who want to see.

Small, scruffy kittens with sweet, big eyes make the world go around.

The Powpurrpuff Kittens definitely fit the bill.

Lauren is using the viral opportunity to encourage more pet adoptions, like a good human.

We wonder if Blossom knows the impact her precious face has had?

Seriously, look at this kitten.

Facebook is not the only place that Blossom "blew up." Twitter has gone bananas over her, too.

Nothing but praises are being sung for the frisky feline.

The world is a better place now that we've seen Blossom.


Our sentiments exactly:




The PowpurrPuff Kittens

You can support animals in the Albuquerque area who need homes by following their Animal Welfare page on Facebook. You can keep up with Lauren and her foster kittens by following her on Instagram.

Let us know in the comments what you think of Blossom and her sweet smile!

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