Freddie Mercury Was Crazy Cat Lady Goals

Look: who doesn't love Queen? Who doesn't at least appreciate cats? So then who wouldn't like this article?

Mercury may have pioneered one of the greatest rock bands to ever exist, but he also cultivated a more private passion: his love of cats. While this is no secret in the biopic that took over theatres for a spell, these pictures may not have been seen - so I'm doing the noble thing and bringing them to a screen near you!

These pictures truly surmise Mercury's adoration of his feline friends, who he treated like his own kids; each Christmas, each cat had their own stocking filled with treats and toys. So let's take a look at this cat-loving legend, shall we?

Don't blink

Delilah! She even had a song written about her

Does the ginger cat have different coloured eyes?

We love Jim too!

The original Grumpy Cat

Look at the cat's face!

"Please put me down"

Don't you dare touch my cereal

His shirt here is painted with his own cats


Aw kittens!

The original OTP

"Just taking my cat for a walk, WBU?"

Quick, pose!

The poor kitty looks so done here

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