Photos Depict Cat's In Their Rawest Form And It's A Sight To See

It's true, cats are the most savage of all the animal species. They're also incredibly intentional. With their love and their savagery tactics. Not to mention, they're definitely over dramatic. Because um, they're cats!

Perfect example. We have a cat posse that lives on the farm, and they let me know when I'm "overdue" to feed them. They literally yell at me. Bombard my feet. And even go as far as to scratch and paw at the front door! Mind you they almost always have food, plus scraps. Not to mention they hunt like literal savage bada$$es. But they demand from me!

Cats man...Cats.

1. "I'm so tired guys!"


3. "I passed out watching tv...sorry bro."

4. "All hail the light!"

5. "This isn't working for me!"

6. "Sir you're about to squish me!"

7. "We got a whatty whobe whatty?"

8. "You cannot be serious!"

9. "The sink is the best place to beeeee!"

10. "Somebody helpppppp!"

11. "This isn't funny guys, THIS ISN'T FUNNY!"

12. "You have struck me!"

13. "I am appalled!"

14. "Kitty doing some corner time.."

15. "You must let me in right this instant hooooman!"

16. " said!"

17. "I will bring death to your family."

18. "Paint me like one of those french girls!"

19. "I must stretch for the sun!"

20. "Ew, the dog."

21. "Bro's even in lock up. We got locked up! Won't let me out!"

22. "You cannot leave me hereeee!"

23. "I'm pi$$ed, do you see the look on my face?!"

24. "I AM UGLY! Somebody call 911! FIX ME!"

25. "What the f&ck just happened!!!"

26. "It's wet you imbecile!"

27. "Kitty in the snow snow snow, kitty goes no no NO!"

28. "I'm dying!!"

29. "Do you see the expression that is on my face? I am not impressed."

30. "Don't test me!"

31. "I do not understand!"

32. "Dead, totally dead. I cannot go on!"

33. "Please tell me this is NOT a thing!!!"


35. "You dense? Yeah, you dense."

36. "Say what? Oh, you kiddin..."

37. There's always a normal one and know.

38. "The level of f#cks that I will force you to give for this.."

39. "Ohtotessh!t!"

40. "I cannot unsee this!"

41. "The horror!!!!"


43. "Steer clear I am ANGRY!"

Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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