15 Hilarious Photos of Cats Believing Their Vets Can't See Them Because They Want To Be Invisible

Felines are incredibly talented and smart. But sometimes, they act hilariously silly, especially when they are cornered in the vet's office. Often, they act weird and scared, but most of the time, they try their very best to stealth, hide, camouflage, and anything else they can think of just to escape from the vet.

If you've taken your cat to the vet, then you probably know what it's like. You must have seen your feline friend escaping or refusing to get out of her cage.

Check out these 15 funny photos of cats trying to hide from their vet. I bet these photos will have you feline good!

The ultimate stealth mode

Is that Batman?

Hear me RoARrR!

The sweet escape... or maybe not

At least she tried

The sink is the purr-fect hiding spot

I honestly can't tell which is which

This cat asking for a bit more privacy

"My hooman won't see me in here"

"Go away, Linda!"

Apparently, Little Bob is way too big to hide

This cat who thinks her hooman's jacket is an invisible cloak

"There must be an escape hole somewhere"

Try harder next time

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