Hilariously Funny Cats That Are 'Stuck' In Bread

You may be thinking now, "what are these people talking about, in-bread cats?" It's not a typo and no we didn't mean inbred cats. What we actually want to show you is some pictures of cats inside of bread.

It's pretty freaking hilarious and so cute to see how they stuff their faces and their furry bodies inside of bread. This might not sound normal to you, but if you are a cat lover then you would know that cats are strange creatures and they tend to stuff themselves into anything they can find.

A cardboard box? Of course, they will. Your favorite handbag? No problem, already in there. And the best thing is it doesn't stop there! They will just go on and on around the house looking for things that are too small for them to fit in and then just make themselves fit.

Well, here is the part you all have been waiting for! "Drum roll!" Cats in bread! Note: no cattos were harmed in these photos

Looks so content with bread on his face

This one is not happy at all!

"What's up?"

What a pretty bread collar you have there

"Why would you do this, hooman?"

Just chilling with bread on his face

This cat is definitely thinking about destroying its owner

Aww, look at those kitty eyes!

"I will get you for this!"

Certainly likes the bread might even eat it

Most beautiful kitty that has been breaded

Poor kitty doesn't want the bread

And then we have the tortilla kitty

This kitty is like, "WHAT?!"

Maybe try a bigger slice that will fit his head?

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