Artist Sums Up Life With Cats In These Hysterical But Purr-fect Comics

Cats sure are something else, aren't they? The mysterious, fascinating creatures that have become our beloved, fluffy companions over the years manage to simultaneously amuse, annoy, surprise, and well, not surprise us... all at the same time! For as long as we shall love cats (which is forever, just so you know) so shall we laugh at them.

Thanks to Kelly Angel, a digital artist from England, we can visualize just what makes our cats so funny even when they're not in our faces making us laugh. Her comics, inspired by life with her own cats, have been delighting cat lovers everywhere since they first appeared on the Internet. Looking through her work, it's not hard to see why. She adequately and adorably sums up life with cats and her work speaks to our cat-loving souls! 

Cat Walk

And you know what? The Internet always appreciates it anyway.

Everything's A Mess

But cats make it all worth it.

Language of Cats

Mysteriously frustrating at times, purr-fection at other times.


Also known as: Love Tetris

Adventures of An Annoying Cat Part 1

The middle of the night pounce is done with both malice and love.

Adventures of An Annoying Cat Part 2

Why doesn't your cat poop in the litter box? There area lot of reasons but most of us are convinced it's because they enjoy watching us clean up their poop.

Things Your Cat Is Useful For

All facts.

Life is Good!

With cats? Yes, life is good!

Happiness Can Be Measured With Cats

More Cats = More Happiness!

Art Blocked

While we may not all be artists, eager to sit down and draw until our heart's content, we do all know what it's like to be cat-blocked in just about any activity on earth. If we want to do it, chances are high that our cat is sleeping on a necessary component.

Fridays Are For Partying

And us cat-crazed-people know how to get down.

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