Missing Cat Posters That Are A Bit Stranger Than Most

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For most people, a missing cat isn't something you would think to laugh at. But if anything has been established over the years (with much thanks to the Internet) it's that you need a seriously solid sense of humor to be a cat owner. 

Therefore, it should come as no real surprise that when a human loses their beloved feline that their missing and/or found posters are absolutely hysterical. That's right, it takes just as much of a cat lover to find a cat and search for the owner as it does to be an owner searching for your cat! Outdoor cats are not always treated with a ton of dignity so those posters definitely deserve your attention, too! 


Sweet and spicy kitty.

Please call Paul.

He found a scared, angry, "cat."

Mr. Cranky Pants

She's a good kitty, I swear...

Missing indeed.

Maybe these owners need to look just a pinch harder?

NO reward?

How bad do you want your cat back, bro?

Who wants a cat?

Any takers? Looks sweet.


Sort of.

Please don't return this cat.

A reward for keeping a cat I found? Yes, please!

I think this cat has chosen you.

Keep it.

What's the best part of this... interesting photo?

My vote goes to the "yes" written in the corner.

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Mary Marshall
Mary Marshall

October 02, 2018

I love this site!

I absolutely cannot get through the day without a bit of Cats on Catnip.

I work 12 hour nights and you’re a lifesaver at 3 in the morning…. a bit of laughter is a powerful thing 😂

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