The Latest Trend Amongst Cat People Will Leave You Laughing

There's a lot of discourse surrounding "crazy cat people" and there's no denying it's a large community. The community often congregates in certain corners of the internet; such as the #catsofinstagram hashtag on Instagram or in cat-specific groups on Facebook. Such groups are excellent ways to cat in tune with the latest trends and news regarding your favourite furry creatures.

Whether it's ranking cats based on their size from "skinni boi's" to "mega chonks" (which, to non-cat people) may sound completely ridiculous), trends tend to catch, and stick. For example, this absolutely bizarre, yet genius crazy cat person crafting idea. Do you ever love your cat so much, you want a tiny model of it made from the same material as your actual cat? Sounds weird, but these people do!

This person made a post in the Facebook group "THIS CAT IS C H O N K Y"

And decided to share their latest craft venture

Yes. That is a smaller version of the cat made out of the cat's own fur!

The cat looks rather unimpressed with its mini-me.

I, however, am very impressed with this ingenuity.

And the trend caught on!

Look at them!!

Bonus points for the accuracy of this!

Warning: cat buttholes ahead.

The use of dye was genius.

This cat is also suspicious of their likeness.

This person was relieved to see they weren't the only one who had done this!

Look at the fluffiness!!

Yulia Galitsina has done the same thing!

Yulia's is incredibly detailed!

They even pose the same way!

BRB brushing my cat so I can do this too!

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