Adorable Cat Posts That People Can't Help Smiling At

Any day can be pawsitively improved by adding photos, videos, and gifs of cats. That's precisely the sort of thing we've dedicated our days to, actually. You might even say we are in the business of improving your day with cat content. Wink-wink.

See, the thing is... cats are amazing. They're funny, sweet, adorable, and they consistently add unexpected delight to our lives. Well, I should clarify because we certainly do expect delight from them. They surprise us is a more accurate statement. Delightfully surprised is a persistent state of being when it comes to cats. I present the following content as proof:

A Classic Tale

From delighted nomz to oh no!

I don't know what I expected

But I am delighted.

Dat Face Hug Tho

Prepare to audibly, "AWWWW."

"Kitten Drifting"

Thanks, I love it.

"Best road trip buddy."

I'm jealous.

"I did the impossible and got all of my pets in one photo. It lasted all of 5 seconds to get this picture."

A miracle happened here today.

The purr-fect name doesn't exi...

"Good morning from Captain Crouton."

"Professor Pancakes playing hide and seek."

I'd play all day.

The happy ending we all needed today:

"Almost ran over a kitten with my car, decided to adopt him. Lucifurr... when I found him vs 2 weeks later."

Them BIG yawnz

Hims a sweepy boye.

"She knows how to impress me."

Quite frankly, we are all impressed.

"Just a quartet of puff balls."

Where can I order my 4 pack?

"My cat loves this carpet sample I got from work."


Meet "Mugsy, King of all he surveys."

Majestic Boye

I'll leave you with something to chew on.

Nom Nom Nom

"It's ME!"

"Personal space? Nope.. I'm a cat pillow lol"

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