More Hilarious Cats To Satisfy Your Insatiable Hunger For Cats

If you love cats even a fraction as much as the Internet as a whole, then you've come to the right place. You might even say... the purr-fect place. We're in the business of sharing cats! Especially the sort of cats that will make you laugh.

Cats are great for companionship, there's no denying that! However, their natural ability to bring joy and humor to our every day lives is precisely the sort of thing that ought to be celebrated, regularly. Sometimes we find ourselves enjoying classic cat jokes, the Internet is good about making sure the best of the best never fully disappear, but we also have a strong appreciation for the never-ending stream of cats that the Internet continues to offer us. Consider this our way of spreading the joy!

Maximum Smoosh

I bet you had no clue how badly you needed a smooshed cat in your day, did you?


He's not CHONK, he's just LORG!

This catto is the meat to a doggo sandwich

But the non-gruesome kind.

Is there anything better than toasty toe beans?

Purr-haps I should say "toe"sty instead of toasty?

Clearly, the most appropriate use of this filter.

Of course it would be with cats.


She's enjoying the rubs to the tubs and THERE'S KITTENS!

Her name must be packed with emotion.

(Her name is Luna.)


Those leaves are cronch-worthy.

Poop time is pretend you're a snail time.

But really, how could you NOT laugh at this?

Now this is what I call 3 seconds of purr-fection.

Be still, my heart.


Appreciate this curled up cat taking a cat-nap.

I wish I knew this level of relaxation.

This cat has achieved maximum comfort.

Wait for it.

A purr-fect spooking if I've ever seen one.

Have you ever heard the myth that cats are mean?

Consider this myth busted.

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