A UK Based Luxury Cat Hotel Is Letting Cats Stay Free If Their Owners Get COVID-19

Across the entire world, social distancing guidelines have been implemented and in some areas even stricter stay at home orders are taking a precedent. The modern world as we know it has never seen anything quite like the novel coronavirus and it's impact on quite literally everyone and everything.

People who spend most of their time outdoors are spending most of their time indoors. Jobs have been lost, some permanently. Graduation ceremonies will be taking place virtually. Students from pre-school through university are studying strictly from home.

Most people whose jobs are not considered "essential" have shifted into working from home, which has provided at least a decent chunk of animal-related humor.

Working from home has been an acceptable solution for lots of folks, whether the cats agree or not.

Quite frankly, the best thing about working from home has been our cat-coworkeres.

However, for those of us who live alone with just our cats (which is kind of a lot of us...)

We have a lingering concern hovering over our heads. What happens to our cats if we get sick? Most shelters, kennels, and veterinary clinics aren't exactly booming businesses with open doors during the current situation.

UK based Hotel Cat hears our cries and concerns and has a solution.

Sure, this solution doesn't help if you don't live in the UK but it's definitely a model that everyone else should take as a shining example of how to have a pawsitive impact right meow.

Hotel Cat is offering FREE board for cats if their owners fall ill with COVID-19. Free. This is especially astonishing because they're not like any old boarding facility, Hotel Cat is a luxury cat hotel.

Located in Sway (less than two hours from London,) in England, Hotel Cat is a prestigious place for our feline friends.

This cattery is truly like no other. Once a barn turned into luxury cat hotel, Hotel Cat has eight human-sized suites complete with large climbing furniture and full-sized beds.

Hotel Cat's suites are reported to be the largest in the entire world when it comes to feline boarding.

Cat guests at Hotel Cat are quite literally treated like luxury.

There are themes to the suites including: Royal Mews, Malibu, Beachcombers, and Savannah. Cats are served fresh spring water in bowls of china. Full sized beds, plush duvets, pillows placed purrfectly in spots for sunbathing, this place is the Rolls Royce of the cattery universe.

Cat toys gallore. Room service from locally sourced fine dining. (Not a joke.)

On their website, Hotel Cat says:

"Unlike dogs, cats cannot be taken out for long walks to keep them stimulated during their stay, therefore it is vital that they have plenty of space to run and play to keep themselves fit and well. Even older cats, who sleep more than their younger friends, still like to have the space to stroll around, plus have a variety of sunbathing spots. At our hotel, cats will never get bored, with just eight suites, we are able to give each of our guests plenty of individual attention throughout the day, they also have garden views of bird feeders, chickens and donkeys to keep them entertained, or their favourite TV shows can be played on their own personal screen."

Cat Hotel owners Jackie Ferrier and her husband Tim spoke in a brief interview with Buzz Feed where they explained why they're offering this incredible service:

"I know if I had to go into hospital then my animals would be my only concern, as they are my world. So if we could ease that worry for someone, it's so worthwhile."

Tim and Jackie, who have been running their cattery together for six years now, have had some hits this COVID-19 season.

Jackie told Buzzfeed that they had lost £35,000 ($43,137USD) in cancellations alone because travellers are, well, staying home! She hopes, "we will make it to the other side, but in the meantime it makes sense to help anyone in need."

As a standard, Hotel Cat provides regular Watsapp videos and photos for the duration of a cat's stay free of charge, so they know how to keep humans up to date with their precious fur babies.

Suites are also equiped with flat-screen televisions.

Meals include slow-cooked, hand-flaked tuna steak and smoked salmon and king prawns topped with fresh cat nip.

This is quite literally how cats live the good life, and don't all cats deserve that? (They sure think so.)

So, if you live in the UK, stop fretting over what will happen to your fur babies if you contract the novel coronavirus. Hotel Cat has you and your precious pusses covered! If you don't live in the UK, it might not be a bad idea to reach out to your local cat boarding facilities and catteries and see if anyone near you has a back-up plan, just in case.

Stay healthy and happy, cat-lovin' friends! Don't forget to share this pawesome story with your fellow feline fanatics.

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