This Grandfather Bonds With A Kitten And It Will Make Your Heart Melt

Photographer Akiko DuPont rescued a ginger kitten that her friend no longer wanted. She saved the kitten without telling her family and managed to hide her new feline friend in her room for a month without her family noticing. Akiki named the kitten that she was keeping a secret, Kinako.

Her elderly grandfather, Jiji, has Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimer's is a very sad and lonely disease Akiko explains. When Jiji was hospitalised and diagnosed, he grew to become very sad and lonely as he isolated himself. One day though, he walked into Akiko's room and saw the cat. His eyes shone with happiness, and Akiko began to document their loving relationship.

Akiko never intended to share the photographs of her Grandfather and her cat. She initially took them for her own enjoyment, but after seeing the bond the two shared she felt to share the heartwarming pictures in the hope they would resonate with other families.

The love shared between Jiji and Kinako is captured beautifully in these photos. Akiko notes that due to meeting Kinako, some of the happiness and light has been restored to her grandfather.

Akiko DuPont is a freelance documentary photographer, based in London and Tokyo. She is available for assignments. You can view her work, including more photos of Jiji and Kinako on her website here.

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