This Grandma Adopts A Cat And The Resulting Texts Are Adorable

Universally, grandmothers are very well accepted to be our collective favourite family member. They feed us (often to the point of bursting), care for us and tend to think we can do no wrong. Grandmothers love to spoil their grand children rotten. So, what happens when a grandmother adopts a new kind of grandchild, a grand-cat?

It's totally adorable, of course. An Imgur user decided to share some of the texts her grandmother sent her after adopting a new feline companion. The love that the grandmother has for the cat is completely pure; as is the wholesome love that the grandchild clearly has for her grandmother.

The adorable text thread starts with the cat being named; Fern!

Look at her! She loves to be brushed

She's very cute, but her eyes say "FEED ME NOW"

Fern likes her name!

She sent a picture of all of Fern's toys...

And revealed that Fern brings them in to play!

I love this duo!!!

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