Gringo The Cat Has The Finest Moustache In The World

Cats are incredibly beautiful creatures; all of them are, yes, even the hairless ones. Every single cat is adorable and worthy of love--but I digress. Despite most of them having four legs, four paws (and an abundance of little jellybeans!), two ears, a tiny wet nose and a bunch of whiskers; cats also manage to have very unique aspects to their appearance.

Some cats have fur the colour of the sun, whereas others have deep black fur (and are probably named Midnight). Some cats are stripey, some cats have splodges and some cats have socks. But this cat? This cat has a moustache.

Gringo lives in France.

Which partially explains why he's so fancy!

The handsome kitty is one year old.

His parents immediately fell in love with him after seeing his photo on an adoption website.

Gringo spends his days being cuddly, playful and an internet celebrity, of course!

Gringo's Instagram account was hacked (probably the target of jealous cats with inferior moustaches)

But he's building his fan base up again!

Have you ever seen such an adorable face?

Gringo is a British Shorthair

Here he is posing with some fan art!

And hanging out with his older brother, Milko

I wonder if Milko is secretly jealous of his brother's moustache? In the same way that human children hate it when their younger sibling ends up taller than them.

No need to wait for puberty; Gringo has had his moustache from when he was a kitten

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