The Internet's Most Beloved and Famous Cat, Grumpy Cat, Has Gone to Cat Heaven

RIP to a legend that changed the online world of cats. I remember when I first saw the kitty's grumpy looking face going viral all over Imgur and Reddit. I thought to myself, is this cat real?! Some people in the comments were scoffing and saying that it was 'so obviously Photoshop'. Little did we know at the time that this cat would rake in millions for their owner (or, wait, who is truly the owner in this situation?!)

Despite popular belief, Grumpy Cat, also known as her formal name Tardar Sauce, was a female cat. I often see her being referred to a 'he' online so now that that is cleared up, let's take a look at some photos of the beautiful girl.

This is the first image that came to light online

Tardar Sauce was born on the 4th of April in 2012. Because she was born with a type of dwarfism, her face appeared to be 'grumpy' and that is how she earned her famous nickname.

Grumpy Cat memes were created all over the internet after Tardar's uncle posted a photo of her to Reddit

On the 17th of May, Tardar's family released this statement

It's truly such a sad time when we lose a beloved pet

No matter if our babies are cats or dogs, they are an important part of our lives and hearts.

This was the last image ever uploaded of Grumpy Cat

Our sincerest condolences go to the family for their loss

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