Cranky Cat Looks Like She Is Going To Murder You, But The Truth Is That She’s Actually A Sweet Cuddle Monster

Everyone loves cats with expressive faces. Whether they are smiling or frowning, they are adorable. But there is a special place in our hearts for grumpy frowning cats.

You gotta love them. It's probably because subconsciously, we are more likely to connect a cat to a bad attitude than a happy face. It is due to their standoffish, snobbish nature.

Speaking of grumpy cats - meet Barbara, previously known as Belle, and her owner Sarah Borok.

"Barbara's priority in life is to be on me, wherever I am, and that includes the bathroom," Sarah jokes. "She takes time throughout the day to enjoy playing with cat toys (the cat dancer, a rainbow ball she's decided is the only ball she will play fetch with) but she gets tired of games easily."



"Occasionally, she'll obsess over a box or the laundry hamper and camp out there. Barbara's character fluctuates between being profoundly disappointed in everything I do, to being an adoring ball of mush that I can manipulate into any position without resistance," the owner told Bored Panda. "She is up for affection and smothering any time of day. If anyone else enters the house though, she basically threaten to murder them."

Sarah also says that Barbara "has a routine of falling asleep spooned into my arm and will follow me every single time I change position throughout the night. I don't think Barbara is capable of sleeping in any position that is detached from my arm."


"The internet has fallen in love with Barbara's grumpy face but mostly as it completely contradicts the extreme smothering affection they see in her with me. It seems to give her more complexity, and also makes me the envy of, like, millions of women?" Sarah once again demonstrated her sense of humor.

When asked what could be done to help animals with unusual facial expresions get adopted. In Sarah's opinion, "ultimately there's only natural chemistry that can really determine why one human gravitates to any particular cat, but being open to expanding your experience with cats who look all sorts of ways is key."

"Social media accounts are extremely helpful in allowing viewers to build a broader pool, but visiting local shelters or adoption events, especially those that have interaction rooms is extremely important. I believe anyone who is looking to adopt an animal, should take their time, put in a lot of research, and be very ready to commit to the life they're going to nurture," Barbara's owner said.


Barbara, the constantly-grumpy-cat started to attract people’s attention as soon as the story of how she met her human was posted online. When she came to her new home, she was hostile and used to assault her new mom, Sarah.

However, she ultimately grew to love her and became, and now they are very happy together.

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According to the ASPCA, feline aggression is a common problem, and most owners will deal with it sooner or later. Sometimes, a cat hurting its owners might be related to underlying medical issues, like ones that cause it to feel chronic pain. What’s more, problems with health are in part related to a cat’s diet.

But if your cat’s acting aggressively, you ought to speak with a veterinarian or another expert before making significant changes in your pet’s life. Qualified professionals can create a personalized treatment plan for your cat, which should improve their quality of life.


Though, there may be other explanations for violent behavior other than health issues. It could be living in fear (a usual reaction if the cat was molested in the past) or protecting one’s territory (laptop, couch, etc.).

A quick and easy way to lower your cat’s stress levels is to get it a rubbing post and a cat condo so the animal can engage in some stimulating activities. 

And keep in mind to instantly stop playing with your cat if it starts acting violently—you shouldn’t reward bad conduct with encouraging actions. If Not, your pet will think it’s acceptable not only to look cranky but to be cranky.

























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