This Guy Wasn't Allowed To Adopt A Cat Because Of His Orientation

As a financially and socially independent adult, you would think that no one and nothing could ever prevent you from adopting the pet you want. Apparently, that's not the case at all... We live in a world where people loooveee to get all up in your face about their beliefs, and they allow themselves to make numerous decisions based on what they think is morally wrong and unacceptable according to their own religion.

This time being gay and wanting to adopt a cat ended up being one of the things they're not okay with, they're so ignorant of what being gay means that they mirror their own ugliness into some improbable scenarios.

Unfortunately, a Twitter user named Alex Andreou had to go through this exact scenario...

Yes! In this day and age, a woman refused to give her cat for adoption to a guy who just happened to be gay. She shamelessly stated that his request was against her religious beliefs and that she refuses to give her cat away to a gay person.

This left Andreou so broken-hearted that he kept thinking about it the entire ride home.

Even though LGBT rights are now civil mandatory rights, there are still a couple of people who disobey these rules and give such a hard time to everyone. What a shame...

The Twitter community couldn't believe that such awful things still happen today and they were very supportive.

Back in the day, homosexuality was illegal and the punishment for it was severe and unjust, they used to claim that homosexuals had "hormonal problems". They used to go as far as trying to fix a person's hormones to stop them from being gay.

It came as a shock to many people who thought we lived in more enlightened times. 

The outrage over this was definitely justified, we should always stand up for injustice, and make sure that we all have equal rights.

Some people claimed that Andreou's story was made up, but they were dealt with accordingly.

Andreou’s story got over 15,000 retweets and over 31,000 likes, and many of those people are not that different from the homophobic cat lady who broke Andreou's heart.

Now let's go back to the cat that needed a new home.

Luckily, there are still good people out there.

A friend of Andreou's is picking up the cat for him from that terrible person. He is extremely happy that he will get to live happily with his new kitty.

But wait, it doesn't end here. This story is developing on so many levels.

He even decided to have some fun with the whole thing.

Weirdly enough, this story ended up having way more things buried deep underneath the surface.

Come on lady, what's your deal.

Apparently, it's all a huge scam...

After Alex called her out in that last text, she ended up calling him and she fessed up to all the things he accused her of. Apparently, no one is good enough for her cats.

Then she provided the ultimate proof that she is indeed a little slow in the head:

How can you act like you're the ultimate cat lover and then say that all cats look the same!!! RIDICULOUS!

After everything he went through, Adreou decided that at this point, any cat would do. He just wanted some kitty lovin'.

AND FINALLY, here's the happy ending we've all been waiting for!

Moral of the story:

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