Cats Dressed in Halloween Costumes Are More Entertaining Than Trick-Or-Treaters

Decorating your house and yard in halloween decorations can be super tiring but also super fun. But what's even better than having young children dressed up as who knows what, knocking on your door and taking all of your candy? Cats of course! Cats dressed up in an array of costumes from pirates to princesses.

Sure, the owner of these cats (or the cat owners of these humans to be frank) may have gotten mauled on their arms and faces while dressing them, but the end result is sooo worth it!

Bat cat, bat cat, does what ever a bat cat does.

A bowl of milk, please

So fetch

That glare. It's terrifying

Get that thing off me right meow

Oh my word


This one's my favorite

Them teefs

Pirates of the Catibbean

Oh dear

You can't win them all over, right?

I'm not sure that she likes this one very much

The workmanship of the pumpkin is what really impresses me with this one

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