Undeniable Proof That Happiness Is Cats and How They Bring Us Show Much Joy

There are lots of things you can argue about but one thing you definitely cannot argue about is that cats make a lot of us happy. The good folks of this earth who love cats are happier than people who hate cats. I'm sure of it, because you have to be pretty miserable not to love cats.

Proof: "Studies show that cat purrs can help lower their owner's stress levels as well as reduce their blood pressure. Additionally, cats can create purr vibrations from 20 to 140 Hertz, a frequency said to be medically helpful for a variety of illnesses, reported Scientific American."

Yup, cats are happiness purr-sonified.

Cats will remain a mystery.

Specifically, when it comes to physics.

I feel purr-sonally attacked?

Relatable content.

Anything for cats.

Even Jesus agrees.

Why not both?

I vote both.


This is why I stick to cats.

Cats praise Amazon

Boxes, boxes, boxes!

You don't need a dog.

How can you say no to this face, anyway?

Confused cat is confused.


I speak cat.

My cat doesn't appreciate it.

Cats are scientists!

You have to replicate your results to verify them, so...

If you don't sing this to the tune of Jolene, you're wrong.

It's an improvement on a song we didn't know could be improved.

Thanks, Mum!

You didn't fail this one.


This cat is driving somewhere, muttering along the way, "I'll start my own country, with all the cat trees I can fit in this damn truck."

The real MVP

You cannot convince me you don't find this entirely relatable.

Catnip is WILD

There are so many variations of how your cat could respond.


It's the purr-ferred way.

"Yes, Susan, I'm judging you."

You probably deserve this level of condescending disapproval. I trust the cat's judgment.

Not friends yet?

Not from the kitten's perspective, anyway.

My kind of healthcare.

I'll be a permanent patient??

Happiness is a cat with a new toy.

Bonus points if the toy is shaped like an adult beverage and stuffed with catnip.

Cat body language explained

In meme format.



My baby.

All this is missing is a Tula.

Living my best life.

You're not allowed to judge me?


I didn't know we needed things like this to exist and I'm still not convinced.

They say we look like our pets...

But this is just getting ridiculous.

Oh kitty, no.

Trust me, that is not the purr-fect spot.

Hey, I know this feel.

This cat could be my patronus.

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