Cat Photographer From Japan Shares Amazing Photos Of Stray Cats Living Their Best Life

Japanese photographer Nyankichi Rojiupa love cats and especially loves photographing cats.

There are few places in this world as cat-friendly as Japan. Japan's infamous cat island has been making social media waves for years now, for a purr-fect example. What's really interesting is Japan's stray cat "problem." Problem is certainly a matter of perspective and our perception of problematic cat problems in other countries sure makes what's going on in Japan look like... well, not a problem.

The stray cats that roam Japan, including major bustling cities like Tokyo, are friendly to humans, sweet, and not malnourished.

But what's really getting us challenging our ideas of happy stray cats is Rojiupa's project, photographing a small herd of stray cats who have turned a street with drain pipe holes into their playground, literally. The fun images of the playful cats manage to send a resounding message that life can't get you down if you aim to make the best of it. Maybe we could all learn something from these frisky felines?

Well, hello there!

Can you imagine walking down the street and seeing furry, little faces like this just pop out of a hole in the ground? Sounds like a slice of heaven.

A happy, little accident.

In an interview with Bored Panda, Rojiupa said:

I casually stumbled upon these strays and now spend all of my weekends with them. I’ve managed to earn their trust to the point where they allow me to play together.

"Nyah, Nyha, Nyah-Nyah, Nyah!"

Cats who pack a powerful purr-sonality are the best.


We call this "The Alice," because every time a cat does this it reminds us of Alice in Wonderland when Alice falls down the rabbit hole!

Hardcore PAWcore.

Rojiupa has spent so much time with the cats that they are fond of him, too, inclined to accept scritches, scratches, and fond head strokes. But Rojiupa's work hasn't come without criticism, as some people are concerned that his adorable photos will attract people, some of the nefarious sort who may be inclined to hurt the sweet strays. But Rojiupa bounces back, "the cats live on private, protected property."

A collective sigh of relief, indeed. The cats can spend their days safely engaging in PAWcore.

Patiently waiting his turn.

The floof here is amazing.


Pleasantly so.

That tongue action, though.

I'm purr-ty sure we know the cats are playful based on how often they love to stick their tongues out for the camera and each other!


Sometimes you have to suck in your belly-pouch to fit down the right hole.

Fancy perspective.

Just a little blep here and a little blep there.

How undignified.

Cats don't care, though... so neither do we.

"Is it safe to come out yet?"

Kitties curiously peek through the holes in the ground, wondering who is waiting to playfully pounce nearby.

Serious business

Play time is necessary for keeping one's spirits high.


There's a tail in your face!

A magnificent creature.

Don't you just want to cuddle this kitty?

A conunrum

Sometimes you really have to wiggle yourself down the hole.

Action Shot

You know you're looking at this cat and know he's mischievous as heck.

Beware, doom is coming.

Happy doom, but doom none the less.

Cuddle Cats

Well now we know he just has the absolute best job, ever. EVER.


All cats, stray or not, love a good brush stroke.

Squishy Squeeze

Worth it.


A shot from behind, we dig it.

You can almost hear the "mrow."

Second only to the classic, "meow."


This cat is loaded with sass.

Paws up!

You've got to be kitten me right meow.

Snuggle Party

The cats have everything they need. Food and water, cuddle parties, companionship, and a playground. They're living the good life.

Sweet, little faces.

Popping up from holes in mysterious places.

Taking turns.

Cats that play together learn to share together.

Something must smell good nearby.

Another shot of a very sweet face.

Cats teasing each other?

These cats are happier than most humans.

Sunshine during play time.

Happy cats.

Purr-fect Puss

10/10 would cuddle.

"Well, hello there."

Is there anything more precious than a cat's under chin? I think not.

Planning miscief.

This cat is going to pounce on another cat, guaranteed.

This is a face that says, "please pet me."

Of course if you ask me, all cat faces say this most of the time. I'm not a reliable cat face translator.

The best kind of gang.

A gang of playful cats.

Not in distress.

Living life to the fullest.

Revenge is near.

Revenge of the Frisky Feline.

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