Photos Of Cats With Jobs That Will Have You Swooning

As everybody knows, animals like dogs are employed in jobs of great importance, like being guild dogs, airport security, or police officers, isn't that amazing?

However, a lot of people forget that much like dogs, cats too are adorably employable. They're smart and forward thinking, able to pounce upon any opportunity and like... night vision??? Basically gods.

Below are a list of some wholesome hard working kitty cats that, like you and I, are just trying to keep their spirits up and the bills paid. You're about to see some serious business go down in the most adorable way possible!

1. This kitty lives at an animal shelter and comforts other animals when they are sick

2. Meanwhile, somewhere in Iceland...

3. This is just a roller coaster from start to finish!

4. This kitty cat slipped into a rest home and took up daily duties

5. A tow truck cat named Dixie, complete with safety vest

6. Just a street boy working his way to sign slinging fame

7. Once a shelter cat, now a cop. Follow your dreams -Love pawciffer Donut

8. Mountain rescue team, all set for take off!

9. Even cats have to pass the classroom test you know, they don't just get by on cuteness

10. Are you ready for your cat scan?

11. Thank-you, Signed: The Cat

12. Hardware Store Cat is judging... constantly judging...

13. Security? Or the cutest food snatcher ever?

14. Meet "Dirt" a railway cat with the most adorable markings!

15. The cutest little hard had you ever did see!

16. Dedicated to the job

17. Tama: Station Master and Operating Officer at Kishi Station

18. Hennessey is employee of the month, every month!

19. Pirate cat likes to greet customers in return for good pets.

20. I need 17 therapy cats, starting with this one

21. Yup just as I thought, you've got a hairball.

22. This drive through now has pay wave or pay pet

23. Just Oscar doing the paperwork for his latest truck repair

24. Oscar! Another police officer in training, this time, in hand to paw combat

25. If you want to speak to the manager - you've got him

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