Public Service Announcement: You Can Cuddle 500 Cats On An Island In Hawaii

What if I told you there is an island you can go to and hang out with more than 500 cats? Well, there is! That's right! It's in Hawaii on the small island of Lanai, and it's incredible!

Lanai Cat Sanctuary is home to more than 500 beautiful cats, and if you visit, you can cuddle every single one of them!

The kitties are located on 25,000 acres where they are allowed to roam free. The sanctuary's director has nicknamed it the "Fur Seasons"!

The staff at Lanai aim to give the cats the best care possible and end the suffering of cats struggling to survive on the streets and in the wild.

There is no admission fee to enter, however donations are greatly appreciated.

The sanctuary relies heavily on the generosity of visitors to be able to provide the best care for the cats.

The people at Lanai are truly passionate about what they do and love all animals.

Their rescue and welfare work saves cats, protects endangered birds and reduces cat overpopulation.

Be right back, just booking my flight!

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