Heartbreaking Problems Only Experienced By Cats

Cats are lovable, furry, little creatures that live in a lot of human households. They like to demand our attention, be fed 20+ times a day, and to be constantly waited on hand and foot like a royal entertaining their servant.

Yet despite all of this we love them to death and give out the best lives we can for our feline friends. However, being a cat is harder that you think. They have plenty of problems us lowly humans could never even fathom. You don't believe me? I have inside intelligence to back up my story.

Check out the top secret pictures below to find out what first world issues your cat might be dealing with in your home.

How could he!

You have 12 posts but STILL have to destroy the couch?

Time is but a construct my furry friend

What's the point in sitting on it if you're not in somebody's way?

Better go drink out of the toilet then!

Nothing. Not a toy in sight.

Can you, like, do something? So I can yell at you?

Human please. It's not that much to ask.

I threw up so therefore you need to feed me again.

Isn't that a fortunate thing?

This is less first world problem and more angsty teen

That illusive dot...

Oh no, now how will you sleep at 3am? Nevermind, YOU WON'T

Privacy? No no no...


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