This Cat Proudly Brought Home A Bag Full Of Illicit Drugs

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Every cat owner knows that a cat loves to present gifts and prizes to its human. Some cats bring home bugs and rodents, others may bring home freshly fallen Autumn leaves, and some are all about random trinkets. But for one cat in St Pauls in Bristol, England, the perfect object of desire to bring home to mom and dad was a bag filled with drugs! The couple who owned the cat found him in the morning snuggled up with a bag which contained 30 wraps of what is believed to be crack cocaine and heroin! 

Shocked, the owners suspected the cat found the bag while roaming the night before and contacted their local authorities immediately.

A spokesperson gave a statement to The Independent, stating that they were investigating the scenario but one of their top priorities "remained the safety of the owner and the pet".

The story went viral immediately when local police departments tweeted about the incident, leaving the family involved anonymous.

The Avon and Somerset Police department also tweeted an image of the cat's found treasure.

And if ever there was a time to make a good joke about drug busts, it's now. Who needs police dogs when cats will just bring the drugs to you?

One has to wonder how well the cat slept with his prize!

But if you think this is a fluke, you'd be surprised. A couple years ago a police officer in Oregan let everyone know that his "kleptokitty" once brought him a stolen bag of marijuana!

Maybe cat cops aren't such a bad idea after all!

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November 07, 2018

hahaha!! crazy story!

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